Personal & cultural selections

Wild Flower Glade

One garden that ideally represents our local area is our popular Wild Flower Glade.

This tropical oasis has allowed many families to memorialise their loved ones in a tranquil rainforest with natural bush rock surroundings.


Terrace Rose Gardens

A recent addition to the Memorial Gardens is our beautiful Terrace Rose Gardens, which capture the splendour of our soft, colourful roses and magnificent centrepieces that gracefully adorn this perfumed garden.

Hand-crafted sandstone accentuates the beauty of this striking memorial garden.


War Veteran Memorial

Respect for tradition

We have seven Returned Service League Gardens where we fly flags high to honour the men and women who have served their country and made Australia proud.

At present, we are planning a new RSL Memorial Wall to extend our commemorative hospitality long into the future for all our service veterans.

Each memorial garden is a place to relax and unwind. Whether in our graceful gazebos, the wild flower glade, or the terrace rose garden, you will find a special location where you will feel comfortable spending time, or talking with family and friends about a loved one.


The Tweed Billabong

We are proud of our newest family garden The Tweed Billabong.

This memorial location hosts a small babbling brook flowing downstream to a quaint billabong.

Beautiful colours surround this unique water feature that has been designed especially for our loved ones who adored the water.


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