Cremation Memorials

We offer a range of cremation memorial options providing a place to connect with loved ones now and for generations to come.


A small individual garden built around a gazebo. A wide variety of granite colours available and a bronze vase can be placed permanently in each garden. The gazebo provides a lovely place to sit and remember while protecting you from the elements.


Tweed Billabong

This memorial location hosts a small babbling brook flowing downstream to a quaint Billabong. Beautiful colours surround this unique water feature that has been designed especially for those who adored the water.


Hardwood Pillar Memorial

A striking memorial that compliments the garden setting. The memorial will be marked on the hardwood pillar with a bronze plaque.


Terrace Rose Garden and Rose Garden

Living memorials are a popular choice. A bronze plaque set on a granite base provides a lasting tribute in an attractive, traditional setting. The Terrace Rose Garden offers the traditional rose garden memorial set in our terraced garden beds.


Granite Book

A fitting tribute for those who wish to have their ashes scattered, yet provide a memorial for family and friends to visit. A plaque marks the memorial on the pages of the large granite book.


RSL Garden

Reserved for ex-service personnel with an optional spousal position available. This particular memorial remembers the person and acknowledges the valuable contribution they've made by noting service emblems on a bronze plaque.


Wild Flower Glade

This tropical oasis has allowed many families to memorialise their loved ones in a tranquil rain forest with natural bush rock surroundings.


Chair Estate

A garden memorial with its own chair allows you to reflect in comfort. This is a family garden which can accommodate up to 10 positions. Personalise by choice of plants and style of plaques.


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